Opportunity for Franchise: Invocation

Welcome to the 3D Gallery Budapest’s Franchise website!

The base of the concept for the franchise is to ensure a unique form of entertainment all over the world, which will allure visitors, tourists, seekers of enjoyment with local and specific 3D attractions in every capital city.

We give attention of high priority to experience-based entertainment where visitors and their personal needs are standing in the focus. Besides, we also put emphasis onto value-based service.

Our goal is to have every and each costumer leave our gallery satisfied as the nucleus of our marketing is from recommendations of our previous visitors. In addition, we constantly communicate with people via social media. That is why we are so proud of achieving 17th place on Tripadvisor.

Valuable experience, all-round service without any hidden fee. We create value by selling entry tickets. The customers not only getting a ticket but our caring attention, kindness as well with professional portfolio photos, printed pictures and a Treasure hunting minigame.

10 reasons for joining:

1, Juvenile, absolutely amazing form of entertainment

2. Favourable opportunity to join

3. Wide variety of connected service portfolios

4. Fast pay-off

5. Strong support system

6. Constant innovation

7. Location specific attractions, from planning through implementation

8. Exponentially emerging brand

9. Own corporate governance system developed by us, from sending out the photos through costumer monitoring during the business cycle.

10. Unique employee educating platform

Where will you have income from?

The following programs are built upon the world of 3D attractions as well. The creativity and fantasy of the costumer will always play an important role, furthermore, the full program package and schedule based on the paintings will be delivered with appropriate surveys and games. With an overall schedule and list suppliers in addition.

- Personal entry tickets (family, child, pair) with VIP accessory tickets
- Program for tourists in foreign languages
- Program for couples, ideal date location
- Class trips for school groups
- Local or foreign hen-dos
- Organizing birthday parties
- Organizing team-building events for companies
- Connected services
- Selling unique portrait souvenirs
- Seasonal events for kids (workshops, musically nights, themed camps)
- Emigration of event locations

What we offer for our franchise partners

We will give you a hand, already, choosing a location, determining fees and costs, follow through and transact the opening marketing works, registrate and look for all potential partners who can be resellers of the tickets.

We will give every help for the progress of the business, so the unit can bring a standout income.

We give every help to our recipients during the beginning phase, we will be present during the training section. We will follow through the first few weeks of the business improvements, the formation of the gallery, placing the attrations. During operation we will give constant advices and help.

The professional making of the location specific 3D pictures will be supervised and completed by us, we will check your needs from time to time, and we ensure a constant exhibiton exchange every year.

Who we want to work with?

If you are creative and does not get frightened over leading in an absolute innovative and niche form of entertainment, we are looking for you! We are waiting mainly for foreign master franchise registrys.

In case you are thinking about opening a 3D Gallery unit, we ask you to fill out our form below, which helps summarize your needs and conception. If you do this we can give you more specific information about the business opportunities we can offer.

[Please give this number if you want better contact with us]