Are you looking for a unforgettable experience with a trendy fresh viewpoint of entertainment on top for your girl’s stagparty?

Are you bored of mainstream programs? The 3D Gallery Budapest gives you a creative solution for stagparties with paintings that are interesting and interactive. Let them take you on a journey of your own fantasy.

The gallery lies on 300 square-metres, there are around 30 handmade attractions awaiting you in 3 separate rooms. Who wouldn’t want to shine wit angel wings on her stagparty?

There is no limit in terms of the number of participants we have room for everyone so you can have fun all together!

Funny, creative and exciting experience for stagparties. Arriving at the gallery the fun starts almost immediately. After a short technical introduction you can all take pictures with your mobile devices. You can take as many pictures as you want. In this gallery all of the pictures are made with a special 3D technique, so by standing in front of them you can be the part of any of our painting. Our exhibition is interactive, you can touch every painting freely, we even recommend you to use as unique poses as you can make. That is the way to the funniest bank robbery of all!

Girly Photoshoots After you finished having fun taking individual pictures are colleagues will take even more funny and creative group photoes with all stagparty members. We will send all of these photoes via e-mail to you, in addition, each of you will get a printed copy of the group photoes so you can have a solid memory of the experience.

The 3D Gallery is in the heart of the city just behind the Basilica, near Deák Ferenc tér. This way every restaurant and night life facility are within reach. It’s up to you how the night turns out afterwards, our basic program is fix. After all the fun, your group can clink the glasses with our gift of champagne, which we will also take a picture of!

Teambuilding In case of you wouldn’t have enough with the 3D girly photoshoots and our full program, we can spice up the evening with a little game of Treasure Map, so every member of the stagparty get to know each other in an activity.

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Never forget! This day is all about you and the bride. Start your stagparty here, int he 3D Gallery Budapest so your memorable advanture can live on for eternity.

To clear which package suits your need, or you need unique services contact us. Our colleague will be happy to solve anything, tell you everything you have to know and help you find the date. You only have to play at the gallery on the evening of the party.