You want creativity to be in the leading role on your class trip?

The term ends soon and you couldn’t decide on a program for the class, yet?

Arranging a class trip that satisfies every student is a difficult task. Parents always wish for a program that’s creative, entertaining and unique for a good price. Students wants some juicy, eventful and trendy program while having as much fun as they can. However, as teachers, we feel engaged to art, and we would more likely to have some program that gives knowledge for the class. This could be a cultural program or just visiting a museum. Well, our program has the combination.

Ask about our offers for the 3D Gallery Budapest „Be a Part of Art” exhibition. Success is guaranteed! The exhibition meets the conditions for any demands, including: uniqueness, creativity, entertaining, interactive program, where students can have freedom and fun.

Exhibition for the eyes, the hands and for your imagination! Twenty-first century exhibition for the present society where you can touch the paintings, take as many pictures as you want without getting in any trouble. When going wiith your family or class they can run, crawl, have fun freely. Andrea B. „