Excellent school program promoted by 3d gallery budapest

Creative school program for primary and highschool students as well!

Do you like to spend a creative time where your class have a lot of fun and can be carefree? Didn’t organize the End-of-term excursion yet? Are you too busy? Kids are bored of going to the usual museums?

Bring your class to the 3D Gallery Budapest „Be a part of art” exhibition and the success is guaranteed!

Since 2016 September school groups are welcome in the 3D Gallery Budapest „Be a part of art” exhibition.

What’s different from a usual gallery?

  • Interactive
    The interactive gallery means that the kids can touch our paintings and they can actively be a part of it as well. Bring your mobiles or cameras so you and your class can have an excellent experience! It will always make you smile when you look back at those pictures!
  • The Gallery, where taking photoes is a must!
    Students can take 3D pictures of each other, make selfies with creative and unique settings, than the guide will walk you around, and take a lot of unique group and class pictures.
  • Create, pose, act
    Students can test themselves in different fields. Its up to their own creativity how they bring their classmates to life in front of our paintings.
  • Informative
    The 3D pictures teach your students about three-dimensional effects, the true meaning of illusion techniques using light and shadows, and the features of perspective art.
  • Variety of programs
    Class can choose a lot of programs depending on how much time they have. The kids usually like the „treasure map” (riddle) game where, they have to think in groups, and the fastest group will win a small prize.
  • Use your smartphone!
    Nobody will punish you if you use your mobile because taking photoes is a must!

  • Team building
    What brings kids closer to each other more than exploring the interactive experience together? Class photo, funny group photoes and the unforgettable memory of robbing a bank!

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