It’s summertime but you can’t decide where to go? You don’t have a chance to spend ten days abroad? Autumn is here and you want to feel the freedom of travelling? You’re interested in a beautiful city that you’ve never really thought of before? Or maybe that’s not the only problem in the equation. Maybe you don’t have the time to plan the trip.

A weekend in Budapest can be the best choice for you because I really think that the beauty of the city can make up for the short time you have there.

Fulfilling your plans and dreams is important so let me help you with the planning by giving you some ideas for a weekend in Budapest.

If you have a short time for a holiday you have to make your plans „map-ideal”. Spending a weekend in Budapest is a really great choice even in this perspective because where you can find one famous sight you can find others too in walking distance.

I recommend you to take your time on side Pest and to help you I give you the idea of a full day that is both relaxing and enjoyable while you do experience the cultural values of this the capital. After you had your much needed after-travel beauty-sleep the Heroes’ Square makes an exquisite starting point for the day. The Square is a really famous sight itself but you can also experience the high culture as the Museum of Fine Arts is on one side of the square and opposite to it there’s the Budapest Art Gallery too.

Next to the Heores’ Square there is a big park called Városliget. Here you can take a nice and relaxing walk or just sit down and enjoy this little oasis in the middle of the noisy city. Also the time is probably turning into lunch time by now and here you have a lot of options of cozy places that offers you something to eat but if you’re wishing for something high class you find these kind of restaurants too. Even if it’s just a weekend in Budapest take your time to find and eat great food because the Hungarian gastronomy is something you really don’t want to miss.

After a good meal and some time spent between trees your energy is probably restored enough to continue your day and I recommend you to do this by foot this time. For start check out the Millenial Monument next to Heroes Square and that way you’re already in the good direction for a walk on the Andrássy Avenue. The first stop in this beautiful street can be the House of Terror that offers a very interesting trip in history.

The next stop should be the Opera which is a pretty important sight in Hungary.

If you only have a weekend in Budapest you gotta have some fun too besides experiencing the culture, right? How about a place where you can experience both at the same time? If you go behind the Opera you find a little street called Lázár street that you can recognize easily by spotting the majestic St. Stephen’s Basilica at the end of it. Of course I recommend you to check out this beautiful building too but before that you should go and have fun in the 3D Gallery Budapest that is opposite to the Basilica.

This Gallery is nothing like others… the only thing they have in common is the fact that there are paintings on the walls in both. In the 3D Gallery it’s not simply possible to take photos but it is actually recommended, that’s how you become a part of art. You can take pictures with almost 30 different paintings that have 3D effect. You get a little guidance during which your guide takes photos of you too – so you can have pictures together if you’re a couple, a family or a group of friends – , you get printed pictures for gift and you get all the pics via email in only a couple of days.

It’s probably dark outside by now so after this funny experience with art you can end your weekend in Budapest in a perfect way by going on a ride on the Budapest Eye which is only a five minutes  walk from the 3D Gallery.

I hope I could help you with this little plan. Try it. You won’t regret. See you in Budapest!