The perfect family program you’ve been looking for!

Are you fed up with the endless searching for the ideal family program?
Feeling a little bit stressed when you think of the organizing process?

Worry no longer!

The 3D Gallery Budapest is the ideal choice for those who are looking for fun and recreation!
Be a part of art by taking funny, creative and and even artistic pictures! Usually the capital doesn’t offer unconventional art programs for kids where you can have fun and interact with the pictures at the same time.

The 3D Gallery Budapest is a place of modern art, a brand new museum of art where you can loose your imagination as you go round and take pictures with 30 pictures. The guides will help you and show you the best, most entertaining poses so all the members of the family can take part in the art exhibition.

Printed photos and little gifts (e.g. gummibears) are also included in the price, so it’s a nice children’s program offering long-time fun and enjoyement.

The artists are modern art artists working with a special technique so the 3D effect can be seen on you camera or cell phone. Affordable art and a stress-free entertainment are guaranteed as the 3D Gallery Budapest is the most creative one amongst kids programs.

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