Where to take your teenage children?

Are you bored of those family programs where your teenage children are constantly hanging on their phones? Their attention cannot be grabbed and you just can’t arrange a program where they are having fun too?

One of the rarest places where every generation can hang out and have fun together. At last, a program that builds a bridge between all generations so it can bring the family together while you are coming up with unique poses and take wonderful pictures. Positively for teenagers and for the ones who raising them!

Using digital devices is a MUST here! Cameras, cell phones and tablets are basic requirement. At last, you don’t have to be afraid that your teenage children will be bored to death in a gallery, as they don’t even have to put down their mobile devices during your visit here.

They won’t have any time looking through social media and chatting with their friends, they will have plenty of work to do, because of the Gallery’s interactive nature..

„We were planning our visit for a long time. Finally, we made it this Easter.The whole family really enjoyed it. Especially, our 12 year old son who really liked posing in front of the pictures. Take your cameras or phones with you because it’s ’obligatory’ to take photos. It was fantastic, thank you! We will recommend the place to our acquaintances!” Szűch É. (translated from Hungarian).

Bring them to the 3D Selfie Gallery Budapest! Arrange your next family program here and be the coolest parent of the neighbourhood! Reserve your date of visit and buy the ticket online to avoid waiting in a queue!

How FAMILY PROGRAM works in 3D Gallery Budapest?


Arriving at the 3D Gallery after a brief introduction the fun starts immediately. The moment everyone made sure that the pictures from the photo points are giving th ebest 3D effects the first part of the program starts.

Individual 3D photo shooting

The members of the family go around the Gallery and take pictures of each other in front of our paintings with their own cameras or mobile devices. Our paintings are hand-made oil-paintings and we deeply advise you to touch them to ensure the birth of better poses. This is why our Gallery is interactive.
Creating something funny or amazing only depends on your own fantasy! We provide some props for you to color your photos with extreme finesse and individuality.

Family photo shooting

After the individual part our staff will guide you around and take family photos in front of 8-10 paintings which pictures will be sent to your e-mail address.

Gift photo

After the guidance we will print photos as a gift for your family. You can choose your favourite 3D attractions from the photos we took and you can get them ont he spot!

Treasure Map family puzzle

After having some carefree photoshoot time and learning a little bit about art we can offer you (optional) a puzzle. This puzzle is about the Gallery’s paintings and Budapest. Accept the challenge and beat our game! You can even make it a competition in the family. Girls VS Boys or you can choose to have a Parents VS Kids race as well.
Those who can solve our puzzle will earn our dearest smiles and some gummy bears.

This place is located Central Budapest, next to the St. Stephen’s Basilica so you can find it.

At 3D Gallery Budapest there are precious oil-paintings so it gives strong feeling for art itself. It combines art with digital technology. This way it will appear in a so much more comprehensible and creative form for kids.

„A 21st century exhibition for today’s society, where – you can touch the paintings and they won’t call out for you – you can take photos however you desire – you can bring your dog, as the gallery is animal friendly – if you are going with your children or with a class they can run and crawl around as much as they want.” Andrea B (translated form Hungarian)

With the help of our Gallery your children can broaden their sights. Learning subconciously while playing around and taking photos so they can get to now the basics of art, painting and perspective.

„3 dimensional experiences :) It was a true family program, the kids enjoyed it so much that they can’t wait the new collection of pictures to come. Only your fantasy can limit the experience 😊” Thomaserdei

If you want to arrange a 1.5-2 hour flexible program for your kids then come and visit the 3D Gallery Budapest! The time you spend here can be modified freely that means you stay as long as you want.

Do not hesitate! Make your reservation and sign in online now as we are giving a 10% discount of our ticket prices!