Are you bored with birthdays at a playhouse?

We are sure you want to try something new and exciting.
Something creative, unique and ideal for a birthday. Held your children’s big day in an exclusive environment. The 3D Gallery alone worth your shot! First time in Hungary! Who wouldn’t want to have a birthday with his/her friends while having an unforgettable experience as they can take so many wonderful pictures, even in 3D! Numerous photoes and coreography for groups and even for individuals. You only need your mobiles or cameras. Fun is guaranteed.
What features makes the birthday exckusive and unique? In the Gallery we only have one birthday at a time, as we do not want you to feel like your child’s birthday is just one of many. We never rush anything, giving everyone the time to have the most fun. We are focusing on your child, everything is about him/her without exception.

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Smooth birtday program without mess and annyoment!

You have not decided on the place for your child’s birthday? Are you stressed over finding something exciting your child would be pleased with?

We take the weight off your shoulders by preparing everthing. We order the cake, give out the invites, get the place ready, speak with your child about his/her needs, order balloons, take care of the catering and everything else needed for a memorable birthday party!

Birthday party program (plan sample):

  • 1. Guest arriving, gathering. Introducing everyone to the gallery and its aspects. Taking hilarious photoes with our painting in groups or even individually.
  • 2. Group photoshoot, klinking for the celebrated.
  • 3. Riddle game and some other team games.
  • 4. Pizza party.
  • 5. Teen disco and retro party.
  • 6. Ceremony of the cake.
  • 7. Gifting, giving presents.
  • 8. Studio photoshoot individually and in groups.

Order our birthday packages so we can help you making your child’s big day memorable.

Now with a „Happy birthday“ warranty! If your child is not satisfied with the birthday party we made for him/her, he isn’t enjoyed himself , then we will give back the cost of the whole service without any excuse.

Give us your availabilities and we will call you back!

[Please give this number if you want better contact with us]