A must to see attraction in Budapest- 3D Gallery Budapest

Among all the things to do in Budapest I had a personal interest in this place called 3D Gallery Budapest.
I saw that most things to do in Budapest is related to some kind of museum, castle so older stuff.
However, the 3D Gallery is a modern thing and I really wanted to do it, try it out and have some fun.

I was there like 2 weeks ago and I really enjoyed myself. Taking photos of ourselves is not an ordinary thing to do,
but when you can loosen up a bit and make fun of everything around you, you can certainly get amazing results.
Budapest itself has its own architecture and a bunch of wonderous museums which amazed me one after another,
but this little sanctuary of art and laughter is definately a place to write on your to-do list as well.

About the 3D Gallery Budapest, what to do there?

The Gallery offers different things to do but the main program is taking photos.

In the first round you will be asked to take your own shots. Of course, when you are alone this is not possible to do. In my case, fortunately, I went there
with one of my Hungarian cousins by recommendations. We managed to take many photos. After we finished every thing we wanted to do one of the staff members guided us around and took some really great photos.

I guess experience is still has a value.
They were really helpful and professional I could see the sparkle in their eyes as they care. I assume if you were to go
there alone they would just guide you around. And at the end they let each of us choose a photo and they printed them out!

A little extra:
When we were taking the pictures there I couldn’t help but notice, there were printed letters next to the paintings so
I asked them what are they for, naturally. The staff explained that they’re the props for a game what they call Treasure Map.
I don’t want to tell you anything but it’s kind of a riddle game which requires knowing the gallery after the time you
spent there and a little knowledge of Budapest’s sights, I thought it was a fun thing to do.

If you have a little spare time definately try it out, you can even make a contest out of it between the members of your group.

Located in the city centre the 3D Gallery Budapest is easily accessible for any tourists starting from most hotels. Before or after visiting the facility you will have plenty of things to do in the middle of Budapest. The gallery is situated just on the opposite side of the road of St. Stephen’s Basilica. It is very near to Deák Ferenc square which is the meeting point of 3 different metro lines. You can also find the Opera very near or the Parliament which is just a 10 minutes walk from there.
Most of any means of public transportation can be found near so you can plan your visit efficiently.

Obviously it was the right thing to do, visiting 3D Gallery Budapest.

It was a blast, a refreshing style of exhibition.