Be a Part of Art

Since 2016 September school groups are welcome in the 3D Gallery Budapest „Be a Part of Art” exhibition. Our goal is to bring the joys of visiting a gallery closer to kids combining learning with a fun environment. New generation, new challenges, digital technology is a must to make use of nowadays.

About us:
Be a professional photografer, painter artist or director! While you are looking your masterpieces through the glass of 3D effects, optical illusions and some play with space itself.

This is a gallery where you can learn while having fun, and being part of art! More than 30 attractions most of them are handmade oil-paintings, so you can even touch them!

Create your own unique compositions! Realize your imagined plans on the photoes. The paintings are given, try making a miracle with them. From elders to youngsters! Everybody can find his/her own style. You are the muse, you are an artist, you can be part of our paintings! Always remember art comes from the heart.

What’s different?

  • Interactive, not a usual gallery.
  • Use your cameras bravely, you can also touch our paintings!
  • The 3D pictures teach your students about three-dimensional effects, the true meaning of illusion techniques using light and shadows, and the features of perspective art. Our free workbook is also there to help in memorizing new information.
  • Perfect place for organizing class trips, school programs and a team-building
  • Let’s bring kids closer to art! Show them that visiting a gallery can actually be fun.
  • Learning in an enjoyable mode
  • Treasure Map (riddle game)
  • Free class photo

What the package contains:

  • Unlimited 3D photoshoots
  • Animators, guiding
  • Printed group photo

The interactive nature of the gallery allows you to touch the paintings, so you can freely design your pictures. Bring your mobile phones or cameras so you can keep these wonderful memories with you every day. Never forget to check or websites for an update as we constantly switching our paintings. It’s always worth to come back.

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Why teachers tend to choose us?

This is a creative program where the class can let loose and enjoy themselves with actual art surrounding them. You want a short, half day trip but they would never go to any museum? They always on their mobile posting constantly? Bring your class to 3D Gallery Budapest’s „Be a Part of Art” exhibiton and success is guaranteed! Be the most popular teacher in your school! Entertainment, culture and playful learning through our guides! Using a mobile or a camera is a must! Students will make creative and funny constructions with their photoshoots of themselves and each other, which pictures can be posted on any platform. Famous pictures like Mona Lisa, Monet and others can be found in our gallery.

As the gallery is interactive you won’t need to constantly keep order, children can run around and move freely here, they can touch the paintings. Aside of the basic guiding we are waiting every school and student with additional programs. We have some games, riddles and you can also held your arts class at our gallery! Class trips, alternative oudoor lessons, arts class in one place!

Coming with more than 15 students teachers don’t need to pay.