Are you searching for a cheap, creative and original idea for your family program?

The 3D Gallery Budapest gives you and your family a chance for some unclouded fun. As the Hungarian saying goes: Simple but great. Be the part of the painting simply just by standing in front of them. Our paintings were made with a special technique. They will prove to you how important perspective really is and they will intruduce your children to the basics of being a creative and self-dependent artist. The best thing is that they are doing it in a way so your children will not need to put away their best buddies, their phones. Using a mobile device or a camera is a must in our gallery!

Ideal program for families. Visit us for some hours full of laughter, freedom and art! Entertainment is guaranteed!

Harness our special family tickets so you can enter for an even discounted price! Come to the gallery of endless adventures! To resort to our family ticket you need 2 parents and at least 1 child to be present.

2 adult + 1 child --- 9000 Ft (ca. 29 euro)
(On top of the basic family ticket, you only have to pay 1500 Ft (ca. 5 euro) for an additional child to enter!)
2 adults + 2 children --- 10500 Ft (ca. 33 euro)
2 adults + 3 children --- 12000 Ft (ca. 38 euro)