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Coming into operative: 26th July 2019

Dear User,

Welcome to the users of Appliacation 3D Gallery Budapest! The application offers a fast, effective and entertaining way for taking pictures wit augmented reality through a platform made especially for this purpose. Take a photo, use a filter, edit then share directly on one of the social media sites.

Your personal data is in safe hands, as the use, storage and handling is done as the 2016/79 REGULATION OF THE EUROPIAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL (EU – general data protection regulation) and as the CXII. law of the 2011 year about informational self-determination rights and the freedom of information act demand.

It contains the usage of the application run under the present data handling informant which is MM Secret Life Ltd. („Data handler”) also the usage of all the online websites that can be used for information gathering purposes either as a guest or as a registered user. It gives information and directions in terms of what type of personal data we store and what way we are utilizing them. You can learn here how you can check up on the accuracy of the data and how you can issue deleting data from our database. The data collection, processing and usage are in accordance with the legislative provisions. If you wish to learn more about our data handling, you can do it here. 

  • Milyen jellegű adatokat gyűjtünk? / What type of data are we collecting?

While using our services we collect data only that you self-willingly permitted yourself including those cases when you are registering for an account. The only personal data we are recording are those which are necessary for signing into your account and that you squarely permitted. Data handling will always occur only after your permission. Beta test is totally free for personal dates.

During signing in you have to give the following personal data. The claim of our data handling will always happen with your clear permission.

-with (facebook) account anonym  or

phone number, e-mail address

In addition, we handle those contents which you create or share. This includes the information you directly share for the public such as photos and comments regarding to that picture.

These personal datas are especially guarded, we won’t forward it to any unauthorized third party without your clear permission.

Date Storage based on the protocoll of the user’s mobilephone.

Data privacy based on:

We pay exceptional attention to your personal settings. After signing in, you can choose which parties or personel can see the content you upload under the Privacy Settings. The categories which you can choose from this way are the following: public, friends only, closest friends only, user only, family, and other categories narrowed down.

During your use of the application we will never handle any other personal data or any particular personal data either. We won’t do any profiling during usage or connected activities.

  • Hogyan használjuk ezeket az adatokat? / How do we use these data?

We are taking huge efforts protection your account, we are using trustworthy auromated systems, classification, and other developed technological systems.

For the sake of the security of your data we undertake that we will use the regular protection systems and that we will keep it updated at all times. Furthermore, we will do everything so no unauthorized personel can access the data we handle.

We do the data processing ourselves, releated to Facebook protocoll.

  • Hogyan tudom kezelni, vagy törölni a rám vonatkozó adatokat? / How can I handle or delete the data about me?

You can handle any content you have shared through the Facebook application. We store the data only for the necessary amount of time to highlight our products and services. Any data synchronized with your account will be stored until the deletion of the account. You can delete your account any time, and you can also remove the application any time. If you delete the Facebook account their regulations will be directive.

In addition, you can ask for a summary, deletion, update, identification of your data also you can protest against data handling in cases of some data operations.

  • Hogyan tudsz hozzánk fordulni a kérelmekkel? / How can you turn to us with requests?

If you wish to learn more about our Privacy settings in the Application, we ask you to take a look at our Privacy Policy. clickable

If you have any questions regarding data handling you can get in touch with us on one of the following availabilities.


Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street 17


If you disagree with our data handling or you experience any illegitimacy, you can turn to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.
phone: +36 1 391 1400

22/c Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor

  • Hogyan reagálunk a megkeresésekre? / How will we respond to your request?

We will give you infiormation about your data that we handle, or the deletion, update, identification in 15 days after your request .