Choose the best option for you and come to visit the first interactive selfie Gallery in Budapest!

If you book the time and purchase your tickets online at the same time we guarantee -10% discount!

How does the discount work?
1. Choose the suitable time for you and you will get a coupon code!
2. Purchase your ticket and use the coupon code!

Why it’s worth to buy tickets online?

skip the line
fast and easy
with a group it’ time consuming
if you reserve the date and buy the ticket you get 10% discount

I buy my ticket online!

Why it’s good to reserve the date?

there’s no extra fee
faster and easier to get in if you have the reservation
priority in guiding
priority in group photoshoot
priority in Word Treasure Hunting games
skip the line
if you reserve the date and buy the ticket you get 10% discount

I reserve my date!

If you know the exact date when you would like to visit the gallery, please reserve your date! If you book it now you can skip the line!


In the gallery you can pay by cash or credit card as well or if you wish you can buy your tickets online. In the gallery you have the option to buy a gift card too.

How can I purchase my ticket?

In the gallery
without reservation
You can just come and visit the gallery without any reservation and buy the tickets there, but it’s good if you buy your tickets online because you can skip the line.

with reservation
You can reserve your visiting date online and then you can skip the line. As a group reservation is preferred. If you would like to held your Birthday, Hen party or Team building int he gallery then the reservation is compulsory!

without reservation
Online you can buy tickets that you can use any time you want in the next three months, so you do not need to book your date.

with reservation
If you purchase your tickets online and reserve your date you can skip the line easily. If you show your printed tickets you can just go without waiting. Please be in time because if you late we can not ensure you the priorities.

If you reserve your date and purchase your ticket at the same time we offer you 10% discount!